Why Women Want to Date Bisexual Men

I have read a artcle that explained why women have no interests in bisexual men and refuse to date bisexual men. In her word, bisexual men are not reliable, turning around between men and women.

I want to explain, if you want to hookup just for no string attached relationships, or just willing to explore sexuality, dating bisexual men may be your better choice.

So, why women want to meet local bisexual men? Any reasons? Yeah, there are a list of reasons. Women who want to be a queen, love controling men rather than be controled and want to play games like bdsm, are there any straight men want to do that? Maybe there are some, but most be fewer and difficult to meet them for bdsm fun. Bisexual men are complete different from the straight. Once they were be fucked by another men, so they want to be fucked again although this one could be female. Playing games like bdsm, women strap on fake penis to fuck bisexual men to explore new sexual style, bisexual men willing to do that, women willing to do that as well, this is a deal.

For open-minded couples, one day, wife are tired of casual sex, and persuade her husband to have a exciting threesome and her husband agreed. In this situation, bisexual men become a third in threesome relationships. No matter husband is bisexual or not, it doesn' t matter for this couple to have a threesome. I am going to explain you the difference between MMF and MFM. First, MMF, this relationship is more complicated than MFM and more exciting, means two men fuck the girl and man has sex with another man at the same time. For MFM, just is a straight relationship, no bisexual relationship, two men fuck female, there is no sex between man and man.

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