Why Bisexual Guys Refuse to Come Out

I have a friend Jone who is bisexual. One day, he was found out having a date with bisexual man by his friend, his friend was gay, and his friend just said Jone was gay instead of bisexual. Jone explained to his friend, he also had sex with girl, but his friend said" It' s doesn' t matter, you just gay, don' t explain anymore, I know you more than anyone." Jone was shocked and he didn' t know why his gay friend determinded him as gay so much, from then on, he make a decision that he never went out as a bisexual man and stop dating bisexual man nearby to advoid prejudice.

Many people have a misunderstanding about bisexual, most of them think bisexual is homosexual, in fact, bisexual is bisexual, neither homosexual nor heterosexual. Because of decrimination and misunderstanding, a number of bi people keep staying in closet to avoid mistaken thought on them, expecially bisexual men.

This world is diversified, people have different sexual orientation, people with different suxal orientation should be treated equally. We shouldn' t imposing our own ideas on bisexual people, we need to learn more about bisexual.

I have read a research that show many interests, hobbies and sexual orientation dertermined when you were borned, this is not determined by ourselves. As far as I am concerned, our interests, hobbies, charactors are created by god, if we don' t active according to our feelings which designed by god, we may feel uncomfortable and disgusting. Sometimes, I am thinking that we are like computers which god sets the program and, we just live according to the program.

We are all of god' s children, the difference is that your program is different from mine, you are heterosexual, but I am bisexual, we are equal. Because of this difference, our world becomes colorful, everything has it' s own meaning, be open to others and it means being open to yourself.

Okay, I have say a lot, now, I recommend, bisexual boys, come out of the closet, just be yourself, do what you really want to do, don' t limit yourself anymore, I can feel that you are not happy in the closet. Come on, join our bisexual community, bisexual dating site, find more bisexual friends, making friends bisexual men or bicouples. Our members are all kind and open-minded, chatting with our members, and learning more about bisexuality means learning more about yourself. Don' t be hestitate, we are all looking forward to your come.