What Should Care When Date Bisexual Guy?

Dating bisexual guy is quite different from dating a straight guy. When you date a bi man, you need pay attention to those points to keep relationship between you and bisexual man goes smoothly.

1.Be broad-minded.

Bisexual men are attractive by both men and women, we all know that. So, there is existing a question, are you broad-minded enough to accept your partner along with another man? Bisexual men don' t like straight guy only love their wife, they could love anyone if they like regardless of gender. I have to say you should learn to share love with others if you fall in love with a bisexual man, emmm, it' s a bit like threesome relationship in some cases.

2.Persuade your parter take safe measure when have sex with other guy.

Many researches show that it' s quite possible infect AIDS when having sex between guy and guy. General speaking, bisexual men are more likely to get AIDS than straight men. But if he takes a safe measure before sex like using condom, it' s impossible for him to be infected virus. For your health as well as your partner, don' t forget take condom before exciting sexual activity.

3.Give more your love to your bisexual partner.

In social life, both homosexual and heterosexual descriminate against bisexual, many bisexual friends are confused because they don' t be treated as normal one. When someone is decriminated for a long time, his inside world is becoming more and more bad. They are confused, unhappy, lost and depress. They need someone go into their inside world and know more about them, they are the same as odinary people, they are not monster.Helping others will benefit you as well, if you do so, they love you more.