Just Be Yourself

Not long ago, LGBT marriage is illegal in Unite State which makes lgbt refuse to come out, they are afraid of discrimination from parents, playmates, companions and workmates. But now, everything is different, LGBT marriage is legal in Unite State because of great effort of LGBT. But, today, I want to say, even if LGBT marriage is still illegal out there, LGBT people should fight for themselves for their rights.

We are created by our common god, we are equal, for everyone, we are son of god, no one is different from others, no one can be nobler than anyone. All right, you are heterosexual, you are different from homosexual from sexual orientation, that is a real truth. But it doesn' t mean you have a right to look down opon homosexual or LGBT community, you have no right to shout at them like"go to the hell". Please respect everyone, repect LGBT and all of them will respect you back, respect LGBT means respecting yourself. If you can' t accept it anyway, please keep silence and never make a connection with LGBT, I think, it is very easy for you to do that.

For LGBT people, don' t put a nable label to yourself that you are humle than any other, that' s wrong, you need to fight for your rights, the right god give to everyone, you own it, never forget that. Life is only onece, we live for ourselves, don' t care about eyesight from others, follow your inside thoughts, whoI am? who really I love? Rather than why I am homosexual? Why I love the one who is the same gender as me? Remember, it' s not a shame to be LGBT, it's a pity if you lose your real identity and restrict youself all the time, if you do that, you never taste what happiness really is.

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