I AM a Bisexual Man

In senior two,I made my first girlfriend who was called Linda. She is a quite pretty and open-minded girl who loves fitness and full of passion.We play with each other like friends, exercise, and study together.One night after study, we secretly gathered in the dark of a small park and hugged for a long time. We find plenty of interesting things every day. That period of time is really excellent. At that time, I have thought that I would marry her. I couldn’t imagine a day without her. In Senior 3,we gradually became silent because of something happened and the constant pressure camen from both parents after they discovered our relationship. After that, we gradually felt bored . In the end, we stop connecting.

Later, I suddenly discovered that I love the buddy who often plays basketball in the next door class. That was a feeling I can’ t express, different vitality. When he pass the court and was Snatched by me , I was shoveled over, he pulled me up with a smile, when he lifted his clothes to show his strong body after playing a game, I was attracted by him. He is so passionate, confident, young and dreamy as I am. I made friends with him. One day I declared my love to him after playing basketball, he declined, but still let me kiss him. The first time I kissed a man, the feeling of tension, excitement, was completely different from that of a girl. I told him I seemed fall in love with him, I didn' t why do I love a person who is the same gender as I? I was confused a lot, so did him, we kept silence for a while, I first broke the ice and I suggested that we need to have a supper because both of us were hungry. In fact, my idea is to avoid the embarrassment between me and him. While we had supper together, we did' t talk about what happened in the basketball court anymore, it seemed that it didn' t happen. We communicated happyly as usually. After supper, we went along a river, talking about basketball games today, and in the end, I realised that he was a straight boy. I felt quite depree when I knew the truth, but after that unpleasant night, I thought it was not bad to be friends with him, I need to find a another person who I love in same gender. Since then, I realise that I am a bisexual man.

I pay effort to find another local bisexual man day and day, but in the end, I find that it is so difficult to meet bisexual men in daily life, I am so confused about it. One day, whhen I am going online, a bisexual men dating site appears in my eyes. I can' t wait to sign up and sign in the bisexual dating site, and I find out there are so many like-minded bisexual men like me on this site, it's very awesome! Thank you for this bisexual dating site, I meet my new handsome, young boyfriend in my area, he loves me and I loves him, we live a happy life together.