How to Date Bi Guys

In recent years, more and more males and couples don' t satisfy usual sex anymore, they want to explore their sexuality, and they finally enjoy dating local bi men to fulfill their needs. Today, I am going to tell you some tips about bi men dating.

1. How to find bi guys near you?

Many people decide to date bi men for further sexual fun however it is a problem for them how to meet bi men? Frankly, there are little bi men around us, bi men are neither gay nor straight, they are between those. Because they are rare and difficult to find, I recommend you to try some professional dating site to reach your goals. These dating sites have plenty of members, providing an official platform for who likes dating a bisexual man, easily for those people to find their match. Most of these dating sites are free to join, but if you want to have access to further features, you need to pay little money for the upgrade.

2. Let us be boys

I noticed this happened most often with gay men I met. I have been in a group with the gay I dated and a bunch of other close friends, and we’ll all start talking about past hook-ups. When it comes to my turn and I happen to talk about a woman I slept with, often, those gay guys become visibly uncomfortable with my talking. The mood of the conversation quickly changes. Although everyone there knows my sexuality, it’s like a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. When I do tell, I feel as if they don’t approve of me as a part of the group. It’s as if they feel I’m no longer considered marginalized because I date women too, which is not true.