Difference Between Gay and Bisexual Man

Firstly, it’s important to respect the way people wish to be addressed, so you should always ask what they prefer, and use it for them for as long as they wish.

Gay people are only attracted to their own gender, though gay is sometimes used as an umbrella term for the entire LGBTQIA+ community.

Bisexual people, on the other hand, are attracted to two genders. These genders don’t have to be male and female. A bisexual person might be attracted to people who identify as genderfluid, a person whose gender fluctuates and, separately, people who identify as male. There are many more genders, and many more potential combinations. The attraction doesn’t have to be equal.

Sometimes, the term bisexual is used interchangeably with the term pansexual, omnisexual (both describe being attracted to all genders), polysexual (being attracted to multiple, but not all genders) and similar terms describing attraction to two or more genders.

However, dating a bisexual man is harder than dating gay. Bisexuality is complicated, it' s difficult to describe a bisexual relationship. The most easy way to find a bisexual man is through bisexual man dating site. Here, all members are bisexual and no unrelated folks, people in same situation are easy to communicate with.

I have learned about bisexual men and gay for a long time, I find that gay people would not like to date bisexual men, why? Gay hope to find a partner who is gay too who is only being attracted by men. Although bisexual men are also attracted by men, but most bisexual men finally marry a woman which makes gay think that it is dangerous to build a long-term relationship with bisexual men. In fact, most of bisexual men choose to keep in closet and unwilling to come out. In this way, other people may ragard bisexual men as heterosexual men, and it is becoming easy for bisexual men to meet heterosexual women and built a relationship.

In most of situations, bisexual men are confused a lot, because both heterosexual and homosexual don' t truest bisexual men and hate to built any relationships with, they are afraid that bisexual men go to heterosexual(homosexual) in the end, that' s the most serious problem for bisexual men. So, what is the best way to be real bisexual men themselves? My answer is building a relationship with another bisexual man who is the same as you. When you loves a woman, okay, now you are just heterosexual, keep your real bisexual identify secret. When you are looking forward to having sex with same gender, looking for a bisexual man on bisexual dating site, no string attached, just to explore sexuality. I think this is the best choice to avoid descrimination on bisexual men. Do you agree with me? Or you have a better method to dispel people' s prejudice againste bisexuality?

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