Tips & Stories for Bisexual Man Dating

Most Effective Way to Find Bisexual Men

Most effective way to find bisexual men Bisexual men are not accpceted by most people, only a few people don't descriminate against bisexual men, so many bisexual men hide their sexual orientation in order to protect themselves. That is the reason why it's difficult to bisexual men dating in daily life... Read More >>

I Am a Bisexual Man

In senior two,I made my first girlfriend who was called Linda. She is a quite pretty and open-minded girl who loves fitness and full of passion.We play with each other like friends, exercise, and study together.One night after study, we secretly gathered in the dark of a small park and hugged for a long time... Read More >>

Just Be Yourself

Not long ago, LGBT marriage is illegal in Unite State which makes lgbt refuse to come out, they are afraid of discrimination from parents, playmates, companions and workmates. But now, everything is different, LGBT marriage is legal in Unite State because of great effort of LGBT... Read More >>

Why Some Women Dating Bisexual Men

General speaking, straight women want to make friends, date, marry straight men who are in some situation as her, you probably confused about why there are some straight women who expect to find bisexual men?.... Read More >>

How to Meet Bisexual Men Anonyamously?

Are you bisexual? Do you have interests in bisexual? Have you ever want to date bisexual men for a bisexual dating? Nowdays,, more and more people realise they are actually bisexual, being atrracted by both men and women, are you one of them?... Read More >>

What Should Care When Date Bisexual Guy

Dating a bisexual guy is quite different from dating a straight guy. When you date a bi man, you need pay attention to those points to keep relationship between you and bisexual man goes smoothly.... Read More >>

Let BiCupid' s Arrow Reach Your Heart

In the past, if a man loved another man, this man must be descriminated by straight people, I have seen many pictures that straight people cursed gay and bisexual man going to the hell.... Read More >>

How to Meet Bisexual Men?

In fact, bisexual men are difficult to be found. Because most men are either straight or gay, only fewer men are bisexual.... Read More >>

Why Bisexual Guys Refuse to Come Out?

I have a friend Jone who is bisexual. One day, he was found out having a date with a bisexual man by his friend, his friend was gay, and his friend just said Jone was gay instead of bisexual.... Read More >>

Find a Bisexual Man for Poly Relationship

Love means partnership not ownership, love is infinite. Not all the people believe in couple relationship, for some folks, they love one and love another one at the same time, we called it polyamory relationship.... Read More >>

What Do You Think About Bisexual Man?

What do you think about bisexual man? Probaly, a quantity of people hold a bad impression on bisexual man because of their sexual orientation. Yes, no one can be liked by all the people.... Read More >>

Know More About Threesome

Threesome as well as other non-monogamy relationships are increasing common in 21th century, more and more open-minded singles and couples expect to have a try in threesome relationship for spicing up their bedtime.... Read More >>

Why Women Want to Date Bisexual Men?

I have read a artcle that explained why women have no interests in bisexual men and refuse to date bisexual men. In her word... Read More >>

Difference Bwtween Gay and Bisexual Man

Firstly, it’s important to respect the way people wish to be addressed, so you should always ask what they prefer, and use it for them for as long as they wish.... Read More >>

Looking For Bisexual Men For Sex

Sexuality is not only between men and women but also men to men. looking for bisexual men? A romantic and openmind man who is attracted by both men and women, yes, that is really fantastic! Explore your sexuality today by dating a bisexual man and I promise you will love it... Read More >>

Date a Bisexaul Man in NewYork

NewYork is the biggest en city in the world. When you walk on NewYork Street, no matter who you are, you will be shocked by this wonderful city..... Read More >>

How to Date Bi Guys

In recent years, more and more males and couples don' t satisfy usual sex anymore, they want to explore their sexuality, and they finally enjoy dating a bisexual man to fulfill their needs. Today, I am going to tell you some tips about bi men dating... Read More >>

Any Men Could Be Bisexual

Nowadays, more and more people have dating online, it is convenient and you just need to use a telephone to date people you like. Yes, mobile a great tool helps us a lot, make our life better, we just need to put it in our pocket and the world is ours... Read More >>

Bisexual Dating Site for You

I have heard an old saying meaning that all men actually bisexual, you just don' t know it. Are there any boys who catch your attention?... Read More >>

Top 3 Bisexual Dating Sites

Love means partnership not ownership, love is infinite. Not all the people believe in couple relationship, for some folks, they love one and love another one at the same time, we called it polyamory relationship.... Read More >>