Tips & Stories for Bisexual Man Dating

After Come Out of Closet

As far as I am concerned, most of bisexual men still maintain keeping in closet to protect themselves from being attacked, because discrimination is alway among human beings. However, some brave bisexual men stand out to tell all the people around him, his family, workmates, fridends that they are proud to be bi.... Read More >>

The Problem to Be Bisexual Men

I have a friend who is named Tony. At first, I think he is straight because I saw him dating a hot girl living in the central park but rapidly realized that I am wrong after I saw him dating a boy who works in a hotel. We took a long talk And our talking refreshed my opinion towards bisexuality... Read More >>

Are You Looking For Bisexual Men For Dating?

Are you single bi man or bi couple looking for bi men for dating? Do you have any difficult in how to find bisexual men for sex? If you are those people who I mentioned, please read this article carefully and it will help you solve your problem.... Read More >>